Dora Marsden

Freewoman and Egoist
1882 – 1960

DADA would break the meaning of meaning in 1916. Technocracy Inc. told us technology trumped tyranny in 1919. The Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus warned us about words in 1921. Magritte’s treacherous pipe smoked us out in 1928. General Semantics conducted the war between map and territory in 1933. The situationists spoke of the spectacle in 1957. William S. Burroughs punched The Ticket that Exploded in 1963. The English Collective of Prostitutes lauded legal love for sale in 1975.

But before all that, there was Dora Marsden. Post-everything by 1913. Reading books of comics twenty years before the first comic book was published. Small-press publishing forty years before the first photocopier. Social media savvy eighty years before the Web.

Dora Marsden: The Freewoman and the Egoist Volume One.
Dora Marsden: The Freewoman and the Egoist Volume Two.

Compiled and with a new introduction in each volume by Trevor Blake.