Dora Marsden

Freewoman and Egoist
1882 – 1960

The chief event of this week is our own first appearance.

The Freewoman, Volume 1 Number 1, November 23rd 1911

The beginning of the New Year will serve as a sufficient apology for stating what one considers to be the unique and supremely important task: one for the execution of which we can see no evidence of minds other than our own being forthcoming.

The Egoist, Volume 2 Number 1, January 1st 1915

Here at the outset it would perhaps be usual to make an apology for the audacity, excessive in an amateur, which presumes to engage with a subject so vast and far-reaching. In others, however, apologizing in a preface has never seemed to me other than a dubious merit: an attempt to wheedle us into issuing in their favor a blank cheque drawn on our fund of forbearance.

The Egoist, Volume 3 Number 7, July 1st 1916

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